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 Biography: Wil Liebens


My name is Wil Liebens, visual artis and teacher, Born (1950 the Weert) the Netherlands.

After my studies at the Art academy, I was looking for new challenges/techniques. I like to experiment with colors and different materials, such as cardboard's, textile, sand gel, paste etc. Currently I use rust effect, wich give my paintings an more authentic look.

I paint abstract, lyrical and figurative abstract and also realistic and expressionistic, from landscape to portraits.

Typical for my paintings is the strong contrast of light and dark and the use of different paint-layer structures with poweful recognizable colors.

I have started with oil paint, but in recent years I have made more use of acrylic paint.

When I paint, my mind is in another world far away from challenges of daily living. My soul is free. I can express myself and explore my inner world by choosing different shapes, colors and materials.

More information, availlable on my website and LinkedIn: