Anyone can learn to paint!

The painting courses are suitable for beginners and advanced. You are guided individually escorted to your goal in your own pace and at your own level. You paint what you want, and I respond to it, and guide you to new insights, techniques and inspiration.

Most important is the pleasure in painting, and personal creative development.

As a beginner or advanced beginner, you learn everything about color and mixing techniques step by step and how to create special effects with acrylic paint and other materials. Also light, dark, shadow and depth will be discussed. Composition and perspectives used and more.

For the advanced, it is the intention to develop your own creativity, imagination and your own  style, that suits you most. The above is a good basis to continue in the direction you want. This can be: abstract, figurative, realistic or intuitive. The technique and composition are further expanded, and more. 

Are you looking for a wonderful painting holiday? Art painting at one of the most beautiful and inspiring locations abroad?

Vaucluse, zuid Frankrijk

Umbrie, Italie

Cinque Terre, Italie


More information can be obtained from my contact address.