The Netherlands, Weert.

Taverne the Old Munt. From 3-10 until 30-11-2017.





The Netherlands, Nuenen. 16 mei 2017

An annual recurring event outside painting in the sign of Vincent van Gogh. A meeting place for art painters.

Vincent van Gogh when he lived here and worked from 1883 to 1885 (in Nuenen). We learn to know him as a human being and we see his development as a world famous painter.

Annual demonstration by Wil Liebens.




Cita della Pieve, Italy. June 2015

A painting, locally painted by Wil Liebens of the historic village of "Citta della Pieve, in Umbrie" donated to the owner of Piandella Bandina.




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The Netherlands, Roermond

Orangerie and ECI culture factory. 2014 and 2015


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I was approached by a neuropsychologist, music composer, and a conductor fot a unique experiment. As I am a music connoisseur, I have entered into this collaboration/challrnge. For example, topaint the main content of the music composition to be translated into art "figurative abstract shapes" on a painting. These paintings are intended to be placed in the lobby of a music theater or other spaces. The contents/story etc. of musical pieces to be played are explained first through these paintings. Because it is not always the sound colors, but also a message that is interwoven in music. This way people can enjoy music art and painting. The result was a great succes, and is especially suitable for classical and experimental music.


Below as an example, 2 paintings the 5 chatacteristics of man.

Music pieces L'umanitario and L"inddividualista, translated: 1. female 2. individualist.


A wonderful example of a strong personality  > Mahatma Gandhi


Knipsel 12b

1. Openess

2. Exstra version

3. Conscientiousness

4. Humanitarian

5. Neuroticism



In order to grow and develop in a person needs a different people. Only man does not save.


1. CooperationKnipsel 12a

2. Knowledge sharing

3. Development

4. Finally capture and progress

5. Ultimate civilization